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Hali Palombo’s First Album

My extremely talented niece, Hali, has released an album composed of tracks assembled from shortwave radio broadcasts she recorded over the last few years bound together with Optigans, animal noises, piano, and vocals. It’s interesting, weird, and absolutely worth a listen.

Check it out on her Bandcamp and pick up a copy, if you’re so inclined!

New Site, New Blog

Once again, it is time for me to begin anew.

For the last 5+ years, I’ve been using my personal/art Tumblr as my primary web site. However, as I begin to build more of a personal brand I want to ensure I have full control over my own web presence. I will continue to use my Tumblr for art and fun, but I intend to keep a lot of my blogging and content creation on here.

I’d like to maintain an up-to-date portfolio of work, have easy options to contact me or hire me, catalog personal projects that I’m working on, and just write about what I’ve been up to, what I’m working on, and what video games I’m playing.

So stick around, and maybe I’ll do something entertaining.